Advisory Committee

The Merced Vernal Pools and Grassland Reserve advisory committee was formed in November 2014 and its members report to the Reserve Director. The committee is charged with providing advice that informs reserve ecosystem management, habitat stewardship, education, and research.
Committee members attend periodic meetings; are familiar with the reserve ecosystem and the management, stewardship, educational and research activities that take place there; offer advice and ideas as needed; promote the mission of the UC Reserve system; help the Reserve Director inform others at UC Merced and throughout the UC system about the research and educational potential of the reserve; provide feedback on budgets and finances; review research proposals if needed. The committee also advises on the implementation of the reserve Management Plan (2008 and subsequent revisions) and any amendments to the plan. Committee members serve a two-year term.
Committee membership, 2015-2016.
UC Faculty
Dr. Joshua Viers, Chair (Professor; UCM School of Engineering)
Dr. Jessica Blois, Vice Chair (Professor; UCM School of Natural Sciences)
Dr. YangQuan Chen (Professor; UCM School of Engineering)
Dr. Teamrat Ghezzehei (Professor; UCM School of Natural Sciences)
Dr. Tom Hothem (Associate Director and Professor; UCM Merritt Writing Program)
Dr. Gage Dayton (Administrative Director, UC Santa Cruz Natural Reserve System)

Non-UC Faculty
Dr. Jaymee Marty (Principal and Owner, Marty Ecological Consulting, Sacramento)
Daniel Airola (President, Northwest Hydraulic Consultants, Sacramento)
Bridget Fithian (Executive Director, Sierra Foothill Conservancy, Mariposa)
Carol Witham (Botanist, Environmental Consultant and Educator, Sacramento)
Gene Barrera (Geospatial Analytics and Cartographic Services, Physical and Environmental Planning, UC Merced)
George "Van" Van Vleet (Building Services Manager, Facilities Management, UC Merced)