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Happy Earth Day 2021 from the MVPGR!

Happy Earth Day! Did you know that the Merced Vernal Pools and Grassland Reserve (MVPGR) represents some of the largest remaining intact vernal pools and grassland ecosystems around? For this reason, the MVPGR attracts researchers and educators from around the UC system and beyond visiting the Reserve to explore vernal pool ecology, biodiversity, and more. The MVPGR typically hosts a variety of educational activities, from university-level course field trip trips, K-12 groups, public education naturalist events, and public service events, which makes every day Earth Day out on the Reserve! The MVPGR also serves as important conservation easement lands that provide protection in perpetuity from damage and development. The MVPGR is a unique and special place that connects local people to their own backyards by providing a natural environment right next to the UC Merced campus to conduct research, education, and public service, which is the mission of UC Natural Reserve System (UCNRS)! If you’re excited about the MVPGR, public lands conservation and stewardship, and exploring, investigating, and learning about the amazing natural landscapes in your backyard, please considering making a donation to the MVPGR! Photo credit: Jim Cunningham.

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April 22, 2021