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Listen Up: Merced Vernal Pools and Grassland Reserve on RadioBio!

By Lillie Pennington, PhD student, Environmental Systems Graduate Group, UC Merced                                                                                             

RadioBio is a podcast group made up of graduate students at UC Merced. We interview visiting seminar speakers and have a conversation with them about their research and path to science. Our goal is to make current research accessible to anyone with an interest in biology and who wants to stay in the know, but doesn’t necessarily want (or need) to read scientific articles….or to anyone who just wants to hear about cool research! We are passionate about science communication and work hard to make research understandable—and entertaining!

Our third season starts off with a podcast dispatch about the vernal pools and some of the research on the UC Merced Vernal Pools Grassland Reserve.  We spoke with vernal pool experts about how and why vernal pools form and the animals that live in them in hopes to better understand this amazing system that’s right in our backyard!

Listen to seasons 1-3 of RadioBio here:

October 11, 2018