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Rare Plants and Common Invasive Plants of the Reserve


  Listed and Special Status Vascular Plants in Eastern Merced County    
  Common Name Scientific Name Protected Status Family Habitat In Grasslands/Vernal Pools
  Hartweg’s golden sunburst Pseudobahia bahiifolia FE, CE, CNPS 1B Asteraceae   no known occurrences in Reserve
  Hoover's spurge Chamaecyse hooveri FT, CNPS 1B Euphorbiaceae Large vernal pools; 25-250 m (82-820 ft); July-Oct. no known occurrences in Reserve
  Colusa grass Neostapfia colusana FT, CE, CNPS 1B Poaceae    
  San Joaquin Valley orcutt grass Orcuttia inaequalis FT, CE, CNPS 1B Poaceae vernal pool endemic  
  Hairy Orcutt grass Orcuttia pilosa FE, CE, CNPS 1B Poaceae   no known occurrences in Reserve
  Greene’s tuctoria Tuctoria greenei FE, CR, CNPS 1B Poaceae   no known occurrences in Reserve
  Succulent owl's-clover Castilleja campestris ssp. succulentus FT, CE, CNPS 1B Scrophulariaceae   Throughout
  Sanford’s arrowhead Sagittaria sanfordii FSC, CNPS 1B Alismataceae    
  Delta button celery Eryngium racemosum FSC, CE, CNPS 1B Apiaceae Riparian scrub, vernally mesic clay depressions;
3-30 m (10-98 ft); June-Aug.
No known occurrences
  Spiny-sepaled button-celery Eryngium spinosepalum FSC, CNPS 1B Apiaceae Vernal pools and swales; 100-255 m(328-837
ft); Apr-May.
Appears to be predominant Eryngium
species on rangelands
in the study area.
  Hoover’s calycadenia Calycadenia hooveri FSC, CNPS 1B Asteraceae Ione (rarely Valley Springs) rock outcrops in
cismontane woodland,
valley and foothill
grassland; 65-300 m
(213-984 ft); July-Sept.
Scattered locations in E. region
  Hogwallow starfish Hesperevax caulescens CNPS 4 Asteraceae    
  Dwarf downingia Downingia pusilla CNPS 2 Campanulaceae Vernal pools and swales; 1-445 m (3.3-1,450 ft); Mar-May. Scattered locations in rangelands
  Legenere Legenere limosa FSC, CNPS 1B Campanulaceae    
  Merced phacelia Phacelia ciliata var. opaca FSC, CNPS 1B Hydrophyllaceae    
  Merced monardella Monardella leucocephala FSC, CNPS 1A Lamiaceae    
  Stinkbells Fritillaria agrestis CNPS 4 Liliaceae    
  Beaked clarkia Clarkia rostrata FSC, CNPS 1B Onagraceae   Few locations; steep, rocky slopes
  Henderson’s bentgrass Agrostis hendersonii FSC, CNPS 3 Poaceae Thin, mesic soils in valley and foothill grasslands, vernal pools; 70-305 m (230-1,000 ft);
E. portion of VST
  Pincushion navarretia Navarretia myersii CNPS 1B Polemoniaceae   not endangered but is rare; occurs on Flying M Ranch and may occur on Reserve
  Shining navarretia Navarretia nigelliformis ssp. radians CNPS 1B Polemoniaceae    
  Ewan’s larkspur Delphinium hansenii ssp. ewanianum CNPS 4 Ranunculaceae Cismontane woodland, valley and foothill grassland; 65-300 m (213-984 ft); Mar-May. Rare; widely scattered
  Bogg’s Lake hedge-hyssop Gratiola heterosepala CE,CNPS 1B Scrophulariaceae    
  Annual, introduced grasses        
  Wild Oats Avena sp        
  Brome Grass Bromus sp.        
  Barleys Hordeuem sp.        
  Fescue Vulpia sp.        
  Soft chess          
  Ripgut brome          
  Annual, Introduced and Native Herbs        
  Filarees Erodium sp.        
  Fiddleneck Amsinkia sp.        
  Lupines Lupinus sp.        
  Owl's Clover Castilleja        
  Perennials species        
  California Oatgrass Danthonia californica        
  Sweet Vernal Grass Anthoxanthum odoratum        
  Goldfields Lasthenia sp.        
  Meadowfoam Limnanthes alba        
  Popcorn Flower Plagiobothrys        
  Valley Tassels          
  Hawkbit   Asteracea      
  Crown Brodiaea          
  Wild Hyacinth          
  Bearstyle   Scrophulariaceae      
  Vernal Pool Monkeyflower   Scrophulariaceae      
  Blow Wives          
  Vernal Pool Brodiaea          
  Valley Checkerbloom          
  Winged Water Starwort     aquatic species    
  Wooly Marbles          
  Coyote Thistle     aquatic species    
  White-tipped Clover   Apiaceae      
  Dwarf Sac Clover   Apiaceae      
  Bluedicks Brodeiae        
  Vernal Pools Goldfields          
  Butter and Eggs          
  Vernal Pool Buttercup          
  Frying Pan Poppy   Paparvaceae      
  Nodding Needlegrass          
  Prairie Junegrass          
  Creeping Wildrye          
  native annual foxgrass          
Status codes          
FE = Federally listed, Endangered          
FT = Federally listed, Threatened          
FSC = Federal Species of Concern          
FC = Federally Candidate for listing          
FPD = Federal Proposed for De-listing          
FPT = Federal Proposed Threatened          
MNBMC = Migratory Nongame Bird of Management Concern        
CE = State Listed Endangered Species          
CT = State Listed Threatened Species          
CSSC = California Department of Fish and Game Species of Special Concern;      
CFP = Species Fully Protected under the CA Fish and Game Code        
California Native Plant Society (CNPS) Lists: List 1A = species presumed to be extinct; List 1B = species    
considered rare, threatened, or endangered in California and elsewhere; List 2: species rare or threatened in    
California but more common elsewhere; List 3: species about which more information is needed to make a    
determination regarding rarity; List 4 = watch list, species uncommon but not currently threatened or