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Reserve Management

UC Merced Natural Reserve System staff (Office of Research and Economic Development) and UC Merced Physical and Environmental Planning Department staff (Physical Operations, Planning, and Development), work together in collaboration to facilitate research, education, and public service (the NRS Mission), and to practice wise stewardship, management, and monitoring on Reserve conservation easements.

Current Staff: UC Merced Natural Reserve System (NRS)
Joy Baccei, Director, Merced Vernal Pools and Grassland Reserve
Jessica Blois, Faculty Director, UC Merced NRS
Taylor Cottrell, Reserve Intern
UC Merced NRS staff bios and contact info can be found here:
Current Staff: Physical and Environmental Planning Department (PEPD)
Phil Woods, Campus Architect, Director, Physical and Env. Planning Dept.
Francesca Cannizzo, Campus Biologist 
UC Merced PEPD staff contact info can be found here:
Past Staff: UC Merced Natural Reserve System
Monique "Mo" Kolster, Reserve Director 
Christopher "Chris" Swarth, Reserve Director 
Steve Shackleton, Reserve Director
Martha Conklin, Faculty Director 
Angelina Galvan, Intern (PEPD)
Cole Ayton, Reserve Intern
Henry White, Reserve Intern 
Michael Spaeth, Reserve Intern 
John "Jack" Cronin, Reserve Intern 
Camila "Cami" Vega, Reserve Intern

Advisory Committee

The UC Merced MVPGR Advisory Committee is composed of faculty who are typically involved in research and education on the Reserve, and who advise the Reserve Director on management, research and education programs related to the Reserve. For more information, see the advisory committee page.

Grazing Licensee

Fagundes, Fagundes, Fagundes is the current grazing licensee, and grazes primarily dairy cattle, as well as some beef cattle. Cattle graze the Reserve 6-8 months a year, in an effort to control non-native invasive European annual grasses, in order to help maintain the native plant biodiversity and environmental integrity of the vernal pools.