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Lake Yosemite Wetland Bird Study

A relatively large, shallow wetland spreads northeast from the edge of Lake Yosemite, a man-made irrigation reservoir about 1 km north of the Reserve. This wetland is formed from water that leaks from the canal that rims the NE edge of this reservoir. At its maximum, this wetland may cover an area that is almost 8 hectares (20 acres) in size. The US Fish and Wildlife Service, Audubon's Tricolored Action Team, California Audubon, The Nature Conservancy and UC Merced are investigating the feasibility of enhancing this wetland to create potential nesting habitat for Tricolored Blackbirds. In order to determine the current avian use of this wetland before any restoration activities are initiated, UC Merced Life and Environmental Science student and Reserve Intern Katharine Cook undertook a 6-month study of the waterbirds using this wetland. Katharine's report summarizes these findings.